I play electric and acoustic guitar. Mostly I jam with friends or by myself at home but I also dabble in writing/arranging music and playing in bands. I also use some of my improvised tunes as soundtracks for video content I produce including time lapse videos. My influences and favorite music ranges from folk/acoustic to outlaw country, blues, hard rock, and metal.

Most recently I co-founded a geology fieldwork-themed folk collective with Nicole Trenholm called “Glacier Banter.” While working in the field on the Kennicott Glacier in Summer 2020 we wrote a song and shot a music video:

In 2018 I recorded a song for the “STEAM your Science” competition at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. Titled “Deuteronilus Mensae,” it’s a blues and hard rock-inspired number about glaciers on Mars and can be found here:

For a while I played lead guitar in “airplants,” a folksy garage band based in Austin, Texas. Here’s a couple videos of us playing live: