My greatest photographic interest over the past couple years has been in capturing high fidelity time lapse of landscapes and skyscapes.

As a part of this journey I’ve experienced some frustration with open-source off-the-shelf software for rendering time lapse videos, and as a result I wrote my own program in python (you can find it here). This custom program allows me to render 1080p and 4k time lapse video, with such features as high-fidelity zoom and pan in the “Ken Burns” style.

You can see the results in some of my videos:

Over the past year living in Fairbanks, Alaska, I’ve been lucky to see a number of spectacular aurora over my cabin and in my adventures in the surrounding country. In the following video you can see a top notch auroral display over the ruins of an old dredging ship in Chatanika:

I also produce the musical score for my time lapse videos, by recording myself improvising on the guitar.

In 2019 I produced a compilation of various time lapse scenes (with the Sonoran Desert around Tucson heavily featured) as a submission to The Art of Planetary Science, an art gallery hosted at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, University of Arizona. This work was projected at 4k resolution on the screen at the Flandrau Planetarium:

For more photography and other content (including music), check out my Instagram @erictheredbaron.